Hill and Mountain Skills courses at PBB Adventure

This year at PPB Adventure, we have started delivering the Hill and Mountain skills training courses approved by Mountain Training.

After registering for the award through the mountain training website you are able to book onto one of our courses which we run throughout the year. These courses have been really successful at PBB Adventure and we have received excellent feedback from people who have booked on.

There are two different courses Hill skills and Mountain skills.

The hill skills is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to get out and active around areas such as our local Brecon Beacons which is great for getting started or improving your skills.

The course includes the following:

Walking skills
Clothing and equipment
Navigation in the hills
Environmental knowledge
Hazards and emergency procedures in the hills

Over the two days we will design the course around you and develop your knowledge and personal skills so that you have a greater understanding of how to plan and undertake a hill walk safely. A typical course would involve meeting with your instructor and other course members, then take part in a short classroom session, followed by a practical session out on the hill to practice different skills and techniques. Day two will start with a route planning exercise and then you will put the skills you have developed during the previous day and undertake your planed route for a full day out in the hills.
Our Mountain skills course involves an over night wild camp, and night navigation exercise. This course is designed as a next step in knowledge, navigation and a greater understanding of how to look after yourself in the hills and mountains.  It still includes much of the same information as the hill skills but will cover areas in more detail and look at steeper terrain.

The wild camp is a great way to experience the great outdoors and allows you to explore further away from paths and popular areas, it gives you the chance to truly experience being out in the wilderness; while installing the essential skills needed to be in this environment.

Some of the candidates who have taken part in the skill courses have taken part for different reasons such as, a stepping stone onto the leadership awards, to gain confidence to take family out in the hills, a confirmation that they are doing the right thing, to  improve personal skills to help with training D of E students, to allow them to explore different walks in the area away from the tourist trails or to provide evidence of personal skills for GCSE qualifications, these are all really good reasons to take part in the course but there will be other reason.

The courses are delivered by our Senior Outdoor Instructor who has been delivering navigation courses, hill and mountain skill courses and been taking groups into the hills and mountains all over Britain for the past 15 years. He is also an AMI member and a Winter Mountain Leader who  works on a variety of leadership courses such as Hill and Moorland and Summer Mountain leader awards, as well as a course director for Single Pitch climbing awards.

So get involved, get active and be inspired, it only takes one step to start, then who knows where you could end up. Contact the centre for a list of courses or look at our website with guidance on how to register for the course.

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